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2021年3月12日 0

After Xia Yu pu上海千花网论坛官网看花品茶EFre and fresh

By sh1

all10After Xia Yu pure and freshWind ignorant of Chu Xia understands, the Yun Momo horizon is burnt; The road empty the actual condition below the foot is true, the heart of much sense is absentminded. That setting sun catchs look into the distance border of late wind and cloud is met, the glow of baked wheaten cake with see everywhere is fancy yellow ash is round. Garrulous cloud is folded after folding, it is ear of fast thunder shake, it is hail rain alternate with. The bead shade that disease goes straight towards, the bang in Pi the ground is being knocked, in a twinkle is caught appeared whole road surface. Demon of little wool cloth with soft nap, hide in mom’s bosom; The eye like glare crystal, hope this is exuberant the chilly below opportunity of survival. What that market opening did not have shoulder to should and hub to hub is lively, wearing the air in Xiaolou alone house candle is shallow lonely. In the harships of that associate with: Hubbub is noisy ear film, confusion is Bacchic the heart at the beginning of the move; Perform us that good and evil sways mediumly, the fusion in spending us to the word of mortals then. 5 accumulate bitter move back and forth is unripe destroy, beg extraction heart cannot halcyon. Years is in aged, dream to be being worn tenaciously. Between bitter Le Zhi hold read aloud, the Islamic that lets us is in this world drift along. In this dirty night, whether do yo贵族宝贝花千坊u ask yourself silently: I that original dream, lose after all[……]

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