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2021年3月12日 0

To a bit view o贵族宝贝花千坊ERf Taoist school

By sh1

all13To a bit view of Taoist schoolAllude Taoist school, most person feels suddenly empty spirit is wispy, drift between cloud and mist, be far from subcelestial fireworks. This is concerned with the means of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of moralistic a person of academic or artistic distinction probably, or concealed ease mountain forest, or hang a coronal and go, mix slash all corners of the country, the result creates this kind of illusion. Do not wish to suffer lay fetter because of the wise man so, get the Sukhavati of a dedicated Qing Ling. When doing not have a thing, I now and then also break up turn over a book, the individual feels Taoist school doctrine reflects the attitude that enters a life actively mostly, false or true has notting have is adj gimmick only, facilitate we can better ego fixed position, the course that bright analyse runs. Although be repaired in the individual,be a resp ect, taoist school also praise highly ” result into, the name is satisfied, retreat personally ” , take advantage of an opportunity and for, result retreat into the body. Review the history, each dynasty, moment of at the height of power and splendour ” inside with yellow old, outside show Confucianism art ” , for example article Jing Zhizhi, chastity watchs treat; Decline random when, the person that bring order out of chaos also is Taoist school character mostly, for example Zhang Liang, Zhu上海龙凤后花园CD Geliang, Wei上海千花网坊 Zheng, a bit later have Cheng of Liu[……]

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