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2021年3月12日 0

Recollect na上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛me of a game to call lasting tower

By sh1

all16Recollect name of a game to call lasting towerWith the memory of the contact of Aion, be when still reading high school, I present already 25 years old, the feeling is very long very long, second year in high school just begins at that time, having a young associate is curtilage male, everyday ” Debide is compared ” with my not tire of its are saying this game irritatedly, that, we hit Aertegaide’s fiercest BOSS yesterday, of the ring that drops best blue oh, dozen of which which BOSS when a lot of strange, path of which which demon won’t accuse to blame, see him with pleasure saying, small still at that time, never had contacted network game, the feeling plays game to want to be scolded by the family member, fine day is true. . . Because get on next learning that walk together everyday, come home by bike, by his brainwashing a many chapel, also follow him to go Internet bar, logged onto this game, also not be to say to fall in love at first sight, spot check collects fees at that time, is be being written down dimly 5 wool a hour? I still am very managing child, file order of a Zhang every time, seeming is to have free still how many time sends 18 hours, play slowly, played sent time to do not have, filing order of a Zhang, from 18 can play 6 class to apply for Zhang date 18 hours to be able to play 10 multistage to finally in one’s childhood, turn duty becomes the person that guard to Aertegaide, playing a profession only at that time is demon path, I tell me young[……]

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