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W夜上海论坛网e marry

By sh1

all17We marryWu Jun: Days is fleet, years is like shuttle. Year end of Si of the last of the ten Heavenly Stems is acquainted, return difference a few days to armour midday year end with respect to a year. We are in before memory is acquainted a few numbers, I am faintness remembers only, but, you correct me to say a few directly, how be like that day why. I why dare forget! Await in those days, my small shop just also begins a month, youthful vital energy is filled, distain to be considered, wanton and prodigal the label that is me. Very cold really that day, I reached conventional 上海外菜会所place as agreed upon, very nervous, very nervous, see so much elder member of family, dare not cry in disorder, for fear that calls a fault, do I am feel restless. See you are so quiet, small pretty waist, long hair waves, charming face, quiet expression, hit my crucial point individually, actually, do not have expect we can be engaged. I two come out door, a towards the left, had taken a corner, simple communication, this wanting that continue to step down. You still have the job to want to do, leaving couplet is means, cont上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛act later, around also with respect to more than 10 minutes. Oneself feel can not rely on chart, is this girl dissatisfactory to me? Result, that corner became the testimony of our love. That paragraph of time, the affair that attends to manage very it is difficult to make, often sleep to be not worn in the evening, the early that although slept,also wakes.[……]

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