Lieryifu starts a novel newly formerly ” step billow with the wind ” — renascence of fire of 1上海千花网轮胎RF-1, bath

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all11Lieryifu starts a novel newly formerly ” step billow with the wind ” — renascence of fire of 1-1, bathStep billow with the wind: Renascence of fire of 1-1, bath”On July 1, a nightclub lights some county suddenly a conflagration, receive call the police public security bureau of place of along with of detachment of prefectural fire control and police station are complete member urgent dispatch… because the nightclub is in a building to be held back by a few buildings,the passageway cannot pass a car narrowly, fire engine is not discharged completely on use… igneous influence is extremely sweeping, 3 minutes short inside, whole building is gobbled up by blaze… “”Disclose according to relevant personage, this conflagration causes death of more than 100 people, more than 300 people are injured, one most is serious injury, depending may be deformity after these people… the reason of tragedy happening still is among investigation… the course is checked, dead personnel most has be familiar with a relation, they are same school students, the parent that there still are them in dead personnel… accident at that time × of × × school the student is opening homecoming. The parent that there still are them in dead personnel… accident at that time × of × × school the student is opening homecoming.. Human life is like trifle, life and death by the day, the prospective body that who can think of oneself is in He Fang, do not care about ending please how, glad joyfullies experience now, face when you those who leave this world that momently, you can understand probably, of instantly ordinary be eternity is lucky. 94 years, the hospital of small town center with plain the most devious province, the male child quack of head of tiger head tiger drops the ground, in nurses’ open-eyed look, he laughed however, yes, this child did not cry unexpectedly be troubled by, be born to laughing with respect to what with a ha breath out however, imp little imagine is born first, at that time smile, it is however it is him future is rare the smile that is shown on the face. Of course, accident is a few nurses only just, their whisper to each other two hind, walked out of ward in succession. To that child be born, his one’s own parents however not show respect for, look, they are quarrelling however. “Listen, your son is laughing, what is he laughing at? It is to laugh at you original story is not big, poor lend money with me even, raised 3 women outside however? This is the 3rd recently, be still more than that’s what it all adds up to? Be still more than that’s what it all adds up to?? On sickbed, the child’s mother one face is pale, the man that the acid move with weak tone is standing at will at the same time, that is the child’s father. The man disregards the environment here, the person here, d上海千花网坊ERraw out cigarette dot to go up to suck two suddenly directly, light say: “Am you take the name or I taken? “Am you take the name or上海千花 女生自荐 I taken?? “It is you are taken of course, and must get the last name that surnames you, otherwise later you are afraid of is one wool money also divide be less than our mother child on the head, although look,you are afraid all one’s life is such, also won’t have prospect later, I or whats are taken, cough cough… “She at the moment the body does not suffer smog, acuteness cough rises, abdomen immediately an angina, facial firm firm is convulsive, tear flowed. “Call Zhao money, no matter how, it is good to bring a bit lot to me, I went, the meeting when I am disengaged sends bit of money to give you after, busy excuse me, such. such.. Language fall, what man head also does not answer is rapid went, shed the young mother that the next feels dejected only, lie on dirty sickbed to be stupefied be stupefied looking at the ceiling. Time is like an arrow, years is like shuttle, in those days that accident crystallization, taking the child Zhao money that any rare alas were not given outside the stink of money besides the full name, 20 years old. “Why are you stayed to write line of business everyday, are you pig brain won’t become a problem? Are you pig brain won’t become a problem?? “Let you do not learn from good examples, let you steal money, I beat dead you. I beat dead you.. “Sigh all the day, you are old the woman still does not have a sigh, are you to should die? Are you to should die?? Narrow and mixed and disorderly room, zhao money sat in a piece to change completely by the old desk of color, both hands is holding cheek in the palm, in brooding, his canthus has a tear, act of the one act in brain has delimited all associate with of before oneself 20 years, the good sadness that he feels true. Get ignorant too everyday, zhao Qianyou is big time is prodigal, he does not know what to should do, it is constant so so quiet sitting, review before experience, do those who make pair of life to think. What instantly Zhao money thinks of above all is his mother, this had not shown smiling face to him all one’s life, have inhospitality and the woman that sneer at only, it is to him not of leave some leeway beat and scold. “Teacher, zhao money attends class eat snacks stealthily! Zhao money attends class eat snacks stealthily!! “‘ flourishing young ‘ , he a moment ago turned over your drawer, I seem to see he took a piece of money stuff of 100 to enter the T-shirt. I seem to see he took a piece of money stuff of 100 to enter the T-shirt.. This is the good friend’s treason, the classmate’s ci新上海后花园UGrcumvent. “4 are you holding SQ novel in the arms to look again? See a drop less, careful your condole blast flew, ha. Ha.. “Be in this 2 in, whole even town, bumped into my plum interest to did not say to I am sorry, is I see you to want to be hit? Is I see you to want to be hit?? “We are not to look for you to bother, you run what other people’s business… call up your father how, he returns active hand to hit us to won’t do, is this thing still so calculated? Your ability we why, go! Go!! This is school of a few picket bully people ride roughshod over. “Be circle in the air elder brother answers the school, I should look, let go, you are pulling me what to do, yes, I make fun of you, the person that I like is not you. The person that I like is not you.. “Do you say she is hit rental wanted yo上海4197龙凤u how many money? 1002? It is her mad, still be you too clumsy, sit to the moon also otherwise so much? Sit to the moon also otherwise so much?? “I know, you are very good to me, I know, we are not good at the likelihood expression… calculated, had decided to part company. Had decided to part company.. This is a few paragraphs of love that be in a complete mess. “Did not read you can work? Pedal tricycle? Pedal tricycle?? “Say your army deserter how, are you? You are craven, it is all one’s life. It is all one’s life.. “Said you fasten life, be our kin chats, you say the what thing that this stock fries, had a deficit ten, so big, should want what to do serious issue, fasten a day to wait for in the home faineant… “This is the how much bread that go all out in work. , one act, prickle the heart of Zhao money, these are the fragmentary extract that he lives only, rare iceberg one horn just, his associate with is such, lowliness can’ts bear 1000 sore 100 aperture, such lifetime, living have what sense after all, he thought 20 years, true, want to be illogical. “Alas, calculated, think so again trashy also, the head also wants flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, still go out, the day is black also, also should go out to go to met, this total meeting that come comes, do not want to face, want to face after all. Want to face after all.. Zhao money exerts all his strength throw inflexible head, take the tattered black coat on the desk, gave the door, want to attend homecoming today, can not be general homecoming, because a talent takes the lead, this homecoming is full all that one teachers and students, include student father and mother, a when teacher family comes big group is right, of this kind of dimensions, it may be said isCounty first, of course, the mother of Zhao money won’t play, she feels her child is the disgrace of her lifetime simply. Go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, noisy and confused of big square voice, nearby night fair spreads out the dot sits without absent. The sound of beer bottle collision of phut phut as one falls, people is laughing to be troubled by, zhao money does not have the mood completely however, he just sits silently in the corner, silent does not make a sound, logy hopes to the outfit B personage since stands ceaselessly before the move, he raises the interest that does not have conversation really, he also talked without interest, because go up tonight too much do sth over and over again, ate dinner, sang a song, eat a late food again, etc meeting go singing even, person ah can be the animal that idle gets D to ache really. “Look quickly, xia Xue came! Xia Xue came!! Zhao money hears call abruptly spirit a lot of, that pair of eyes to step on smoothly immediately round, seem to want to crash thick lens to fly general. Xia Xue, who ah, the class of period of Zhao money elementary school is beautiful, school is beautiful, what does that represent, the representing’s is the purest thing, although that time is so little, but because such, just appear the meaning is different all the more, to Zhao money, xia Xue is true goddess, at least he is making offerings to in the heart with this kind of identity her. The first, discovered that beautiful woman in the crowd, flesh is like snow in vain, bright eye bright ages, straight hair waves, fund of fund of a broken skirt that spend ocean is easy, fall fall seem a cool breeze, wan Rejiu henbane seed leaves laic world, zhao Qianchi. Zhao Qianchi, everybody stayed, but respond is fast, a dress is uncommon small fat man risings quickly to be greeted toward Xia Xue, below momently, the one screen that produce with a bang carried scamper on the head to be in as 5 thunder the wind of Zhao money. See that fatso pulls a hand to pull Guo Xiaxue directly, pulled the fine waist like her hydra to return a seat next, two people meet bright all the more to inspected smile, prick almost blind the double eye of Zhao money, they, the concern is not common. “Deng Hao, simple minded is explained, are both of you good went up? Are both of you good went up?? “Right ah elder brother of a person of extraordinary powers, say, what condition do you develop? What condition do you develop?? “Can ah A Hao, xia Xue is taken by you! Xia Xue is taken by you!! The comment of everybody gabble is worn, among them unexpectedly still many parents are in jeer, say to bless this female to Jin Tongyu and so on, still have him rebuke of the child, say how to to contend for bit of gas, how cannot resemble Deng childe euqally outstanding ah, family not only junior much gold facilities has, still denounce on so Qing Li’s free from vulgarity cummer. The family’s child, it is bovine B, even if because there is money in his home,be, but again rich, how can the individual be now hard this appearance, you see this homecoming clique be opposite, namely so unprecedented, then the individual can organize we should like to ask full one is the same as the homecoming with unripe school, still call all parents. “Do not have, see you say, authority is so little still, talk about what love, it is a good friend, first-rate the sort of. First-rate the sort of.. Deng Hao returns mount, he still dare not admit unexpectedly, is he to want to enrage the boys that adore Xia Xue goddess to death in earnest? Originally lively atmosphere was to enter more at the moment turn white-hot, xia Xue’s arrival broke the calm of Zhao money, what to produce later, he forgets light quickly, he just knows he is

like after this an utterly worthless person is average, followed them to go again nightclub KTV, he is to think really actually, this homecoming, he what leave wants to vomit sincerely. But, zhao mone夜上海论坛RTy is hated to part with really again go, because Xia Xue is here, even if she follows Deng fatso to be in all the time,kiss me in person, the sort of bloody knife cuts the stimulation like, the all the time is not hurting Zhao fund, but he also defies hard however insist to want to stay here, he also knows so true very foolish, very D silk, but namely so cannot extricate oneself, how can still do. Want to say Xia Xue, not be the object of admire of Zhao money admire actually, the goddess that she is him only just, zhao money is imagined rarely can go with her, if not was to see she follows intimate friend of Deng a person of extraordinary powers today this one act, he feels he wants to put down what there had been a such goddesses in life to read aloud thoroughly thought. The corner shade shadow of KTV, zhao Qianchi is peeking dully the person of ablaze a pair of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center below spotlight, he is understood, she or he, following his Zhao money is the person of two worlds completely. When feral if wet firedrake is strong fill is whole when the nightclub, zhao Qianhai is in lose one’s mind, he arrives dead, also be not to know this fire after all origin wheres, he knows only, his classmate, his teacher, the parent of his classmate, in this fire, all died, and his Zhao money, it is however in his life, open the 2nd times open one’s eyes show smile. 94 years, prefectural center hospital some ward, the child Homeric laughter that just was born. He unexpectedly, renascence. Ignore a reason, god, acknowledgment shuffles when you give opportunity, those hep people die actually as trifle, do they calculate again what to get? Yes, life is become such, do not fear before one’s death, want what to do brave, what does we should like to ask have to be able to make you awe-stricken after all, it is a person at most just, can be before the destiny, the person is rough straw paper a piece, brush the buttock to disrelish experience, and otherwise of on one’s deathbed regrets, want to let pass carefreely not to have a regret all one’s life, why regret say again. This generation, should be an upright person on person! Should be an upright person on person!! This card is final by Lieryifu at 2017-6-30 05:27 editors7 editors