Fac上海花千坊爱上海e and dignity

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all12Face and dignityFace and dignityOf the person get along, like to tell outer part. In the memory of people, face is the pronoun of dignity. Very rich, right is in hand, literary talent outstanding, qualifications and record of service is not shallow, call have outer part; Encounter a setback, madeMistake, be hit, suffer affront, call lose face; Impoverished extortionary h上海龙凤后花园owever play the host, suffer to support outer partMock rapacious however glorious, to dispute reputation; There is a word in the heart however hard open one’s mouth, to be concerned about face-s夜上海论坛aving; Do not wish to regard as loath howeverTill, to give outer part; Noble presence and bitter fleabane Bi is u上海龙凤自荐区HGnripe brightness, to enjoy reputation… face, honest too important. LoseLost outer part, lost glory, lost luster, short the identity, feel lose face, in the heart do-nothing flavour. Then, for face, somebody play up to people of power and influence, seek backer, in who seeing dare laugh at face unmanned; For face, Somebody secure by force or trickery, ego flaunts, go up toward him face desperately gild; For face, somebody builds ballad frame a case against, demoteLow other, him drive up of so as to; For face, somebody chicanery, roughhouse, die rather also not lose face; For face, somebody breaks the law violate discipline, act wildly against law and public opinion, as a result walks into jail… face, it is really too tormentPerson. Drifting in reality cruelty and filthy, a few presser person of leave no stone unturned uphold outer part, and of the soul dirtyAnd despicable urge a few people the production face of leave no stone unturned. Then, “Favor is like debt greatly, lid of boiler of the top of head sells ” , silly sight goes out: “You respect me one feet, I respect you oneA unit of length ” , repay doubly: “You do not give me outer part, I call you to be an upright person hard ” , a tooth for a tooth. Wallow in onChild pursuit, the result is ” humpback have a weight on one’s mind — carry on the back taller more ” , “The back in rain is straw — carry on the back heavier more ” , “Shabby-genteel have a hell of life ” , lane is bad to still can make a gross error. Visible, face is not a good thing. Actually, want to think seriously only, with respect to not difficult discovery, face just is vanity of a kind of surface, it is emptyFalse creditable, it is the dignity of dissimilation. Exquisite dignity cannot rely on face, and should rely on character, have model onlyCreate exalted character, ability establishs the honor that has a person, because character is of moral character,reflect. Your body resides an official, cannot neglect the duty on the body; You are prosperous, cannot forget honest be as good as one’s word; Your bellyfulPoetic book, there is mountain outside cannot forgetting hill; You are senior hope to weigh, cannot forget the younger generation will surpass the older. You as civilian, ought toBold and powerful essence is entered; Poor of your family circumstan

ces, ought to go all out to become strong; Your have little talent and learning, ought to grind assiduously only; You suffer defeatFold, ought to have thought of beg new. Your not need speaks a mind for the vanity of seek surface, your not need is psychological unbalance trouble. Close the world, 上海各区gm资源汇总1000Appearance 100 condition. Of temple hall tall, of all corners of the country far, each has his strong point, also somewhat short; The eagle attacks vast sky, tiger crouch remote mountains, eachSomewhat strong, also lose somewhat; Official circles achieve one’s ambition, business sea is complacent, each somewhat benefit, also somewhat fraud. Why to 上海外菜会所learn from others’s strong points to offset his weakness, Lose in order to enforce, hasten benefit avoids kill. In that way you just can model good character figure, uphold great dignity of the person. Uphold great dignity of the person.. This card is final by 11819 at 2012-11-13 11:00 editors0 editors