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all8Harships life               Harships life  Celestial harships indulge in wilful persecution, the cloud goes in the lakeside with cold chilly alone. He, failed again. The cloud has not remembered this is the a fewth, although him body conceives the diploma of the university. But appear unfortunately alwaysIt is his band static closely, make him suffocative come. The cloud grows in the country as a child. The parents of old often comes child, be very fond of naturally all the more. But unfortunate is he is inHigh fever when 3 years old is not retreated, had a poliomyelitis unexpectedly, fell from now on the dense disease with not agile ability to walk. Towhen going to school, the mother lets go however and go, leave he and father to depend on each other. Father sends countryside himElementary school is read, classmates’ cold eye, let him carry do not come at first, although his achievement always is be among the best of candidates…Appear to be able to understand the heart of the cloud without the person. The cloud remembers suddenly ” brief love ” the word in: ” you think I am small, notBeautiful, don’t have a heart? ” the cloud is reading aloud in the silent in the heart, he is 上海千花网坊LKweak the ground walked out of interview room, come to the lake aloneBank. He understands he failed again, write down not clear this is the a fewth. Wind is bigger, the bang in pluvial Pi on the body that the ground makes in the cloud. His eye is wet, it is rainwater, or isTear? He also is disinclined to be in charge of. He remembered father again, sheet of that form shadow as string of 1, the father that always rushs about in field work hard. Remember his that withered and yellowboth hands, remember the furrow of his that fulfil the quota, remember the back of his that

stoop. He is spellbound, the eye is acerbity acerbity, Whats do not have the courage to think. The cloud is overflowed so going aimlessly,上海后花园419 confused ground is going. Abrupt ” phut ” , the cloud and person bumpBe full of. He looks up to look, that is an old person of 669 years old, side is crooked go up, left foot is deserted, abductBastinado falls already aside. The old person tries to stand up, but the road is too slippery, he once trip is in the ground. The cloud hurries uprearOld person, pick up crutch. The old person says repeatedly ” thank, thank! ” the cloud is shaking first. What did the old person understand it seems that, Slowly on the lawn that sits in lakeside, say to the cloud: ” youth, threw one Jiao what to to calculate. I everyday littleSay to want to fall a few, fall much, was used to. You look, I still can climb! ” ground of old person hardship fromLawn climbs, look a上海千花网坊t tear of Yun Man face, the eye appears a bit red, show the small grass beside the move says again: ” youSee Na Xia爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314ocao, although rain falls so greatly, but it still viridescence, and grow to have interest more more! ” Yun Xunsheng looks, Dip is permeated with green meaning of Qing Qing in the small grass in harships, more bright beautiful. Yun Xinzhong does not become aware slam-bang easily, like the dimple that aroused 10 thousand rounds in calm lake surface. Think oneself so yearLight, why to fear to fail? ” the pharynx and larynx that I want to control a destiny, it can never make I succumb completely! “The speech with musical giant sturdy Beethoven is by the side of the ear of the cloud echo. Be, although I am unfortunate, but I still have an eye, Still have ear, can experience the happiness of the life likewise! Why to want pessimism to abandon? Why to want blame god and man? There still is how much sadder than me person on the world! God just compares others to mine little little, Perhaps this is God the test to me! Then he remembered again ” article king arrest and p上海后花园论坛erform Zhouyi; Zhong Ni strategics point and makeAge; … not Wei Qianshu, lv of be handed down through generations is seen; Han is not convict the Qin Dynasty, say difficult Gu anger ” alarm the language of the world, it seems that moreHearten. The cloud receives a wind and rain, hold a head high to say to the old person: ” a respectful form of address for an old person, thanked you to remind me. Thank you. “The old person is laughing to say: ” go quickly, youth, the road in front still is growing! “The cloud hesitates no longer, stride a stride to go to the middle of harships. Do not know when, the sky of far, a rainbow is unusually gorgeous.