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all10Zheng Deshi is interesting – 1 Nahang bud           Zheng Deshi is interesting – the Hang Leilei austral 1From look ” those years of girl of a forereach ” ri爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314se to want to write a few stories about youth all the time, in memorythose people those things, special when rising a little with a few classmates recently special deep feeling, first fragmentary move is written, ifThe very long word that can write is arranged write a novel, current and uniform with anonym, if who thinks those who use true nameThe word can contact me. Resolved make a starting point, hope to won’t quit. The name is provisional for ” Zheng Deshi is interesting ” commemorate everClassics in north 5 3 wonderful and hurried years. The Hang Leilei austral 1Zhu Lei since since moving 4 buildings all the time very dull, abandon friend on the weekend each goes out to play, full day is defended alone emptyRoom, fortunately the living quarter is new opened a broadband, faineant mix mark each ar上海油压店攻略e big website, see all belle picture of the websiteover and over. Look to go to adjoining dormitory walking along circuit. Of Laozhu dull mildewy in the heart decay. Often abandoned friendly Yu Chaoxin to register the net inside school to be being sent in forum by chance post, collect of head of old Zhu Yi comes over, look to cry greatlyPath: ” good gracious, preterhuman, the belle is much compare. ” before long, go back to move computer let Yu Chao teach practice, By every means after be apt to of earnestly and tirelessly is lured, yu Chao eventually extricate oneself continues to send post. Since after learning to get the network inside school, from now on the enraptured in days Laozhu is whole amuses oneself, search belle adds a belle happyThis is not exhausted. Invite will count a person to boast every day, but meet add a woman, sure meeting says this female him settle on, whenOne long everybody also was used to. After a week, laozhu is hit see Jing Tian from other people comp

uter, jing is day person, from thisPay no attention to affairs of human life every day with associate with of Jing Tian photo, love of the one antrum in the heart oneself is infinite and affectionate resign to Jing Tian. Extremely evil be born by the heart, laozhu escape is thought up before long into scene door one plan, a school was registered below the egg on that abandons friend insideDate of net new Zhang – Lei Lei, the school fills Nanjing aerospace university, the deserted photograph of the Jing Tian that arrives with search is head portrait, Put a few pieces to be in album, laozhu does not have a thing to run to discuss with Yu Chao, listened to many useful proposals, let immediately thisComparative melt into of wretched old Zhu Jin is extremely wretched. Founding after Zhang date, laozhu rectifies sunset thing to imitate schoolgirl mood to deliver a few Mai Meng’s state, of lane not Yi Le, gradually the Na Hang’s man student that the request adds is increasing, the of countless request in a day is added and illicit talk about as it happensHelp Laozhu goof. Old Zhu Zaizhong of the person chase after hold next on wings in both hands not to know so. Laozhu from time to time is teased, from time to time plays the part of bud, accost of from time to time, from time to time is great-hearted, the dizzy head that Lothario of the boat austral the a gang makes fun ofChange direction. Invite the person that make an appointment with countless, come at transcending spare time wait-and-see, see all sorts of leaving a message all kinds of strange things, think of old Zhu ChengFor the lover in the dream of Na Hang all living creatures, can’t he上海花千坊1314DElp looking the yock is more thanly, idle inscribes: ” give deep wall like bud bud, hungryNumerous Lothario of dead Na Hang. ” in fact the Lothario of Na Hang hurl oneself willingly into the net is honest without number, the doorsill is squeezed quickly, Edge of computer of pardonable also Laozhu is cock-a-hoop knock a cross-legged or with ankle on knee hum move folk song. Then Laozhu is wretched went up addiction, rise to be landed all the day Na Hang’s student is dallied with inside school, regard oneself as 贵族宝贝花千坊ERreallyLei Lei, rise a little daughter bearing is lifelike, this play this thing regards as everyday the most important part, had pity on southBoat one numerous the spoony seed that is cheated, everyday to wretched male make up to greatly, look at Man Bing’s disgusting word, Yu Chao is a suit gooseflesh every time guffaw of adscititious split one’s sides with laughter. The someone else that Laozhu does not have a thing to pull a dormitory also looks numerousOf the person chase after hold in both hands, after cut a dash complacent conceit. Good times don’t last long, the fame as Jing Tian gradually resonant, never also lack on this world fair know, some line on dayLaozhu sees a certain reply writes: ” the photograph that is Jing Tian obviously, take deceive people, really shameless. ” Laozhu’s this worldSmooth level road by cobble bump one, turn pale with fright, expunge this reply hastily, but this is merely begin. Receive belowA few days when come, meet what somebody will expose Laozhu to steal everyday with other photograph behavior, laozhu cutout deeply cutout, all sorts ofSarcastic and abuse blot out the sky and cover up the earth, old Zhu Ku can’ts bear character. Big Bei is completely after great rejoicing, go up after hill can downhill. InOf a period of time suffer below, what Laozhu abandoned brilliant of this Duan Hui eventually is wretched career, those day piles National People’s Cong夜上海论坛ress to display everydayAffable, every condition piles reply of person try to be the first, every sky line is feeling those day numerous star holds a month in both hands, regrettablly everythingAlready went along with utterly routed. The heart was managed to find time at a draught, have coma only without Bei happy event, lost advocate course of study, pitifulThe net is sent constantly on Laozhu bemused be at a loss. The order of Na Hanglei bud that takes the next to do not have a thing to still can be landed only is accompanying the memory that Laozhu is buried to bury. The order of Na Hanglei bud that takes the next to do not have a thing to still can be landed only is accompanying the memory that Laozhu is buried to bury.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2013-1-28 17:00 editors0 editors