Lov上海花千坊爱上海EFe is not to wait for you to be free to just be cherished

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all9Love is not to wait for you to be free to just be cherishedBoundless and indistinct sea of faces can find a beloved person this is how great food fortune, Not be your heart probably in best, but also be you had returned in the heart those who go. If find this emotion, hope you go be being cherished well, great go caring oneIssue her, great it is others consider, although she leaves the perfect requirement in your heartStill differ the a gr魔都新茶论坛eat distance is far, but always be compared or a person nods loneliness too by force. If you are known,cherish, what you can discover you are obtained is inc爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314EFreasing, If you are gone after blindly, you can discover those who lose is faster and faster. Love is reasonable good, do not subdue put up with, do not believe perfect love, The love with the perfect where on this world, ideal person is done not have, which comePerfect love, perfect it is in the illusion, won’t appear in reality. Reality is brutal, reality is false, when you are togetherThe hope is seeing generation a lot of problems when, great think, gr新上海龙凤eat ask oneIssue oneself, this thing to the fault, not so blind goes censuring rightHonest mistake, such meetings let each other produce the crack in the heart, if want to eliminateThe conference is very difficult after such crack. Love is to consider what do not appear, of

ten two people because of a very small businessWith respect to roughhouse, everybody should be static come down, well talk, do not stickMove the thing of little with respect to have a fit, not be good to both sides so. Because certain factor is obstinate,also do not want to be illogical, need is genuine when loving each other, Conflict when need to communicate, need is sober when getting angry, Happy when need to share, when censuring, need forgives, when marrying, need includes. The life of a person is b爱上海龙凤41上海贵族宝贝论坛RF9论坛rief, and the lot that brush a shoulder with you and spends is little however littleOf the person have a few bosom friend all one’s life, have a few people that are deep him love, as numerous as its in searchBeg 100 thousand times, be inferior to be fond of cherish the true lover before, love does not await, also not beWait for what care is going when you are available, however you are guarding all the time