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all8Recall erst – – machine playing a marketRecall erst — machine playing a marketRed white opportunity said before. Meanwhile is market opportunity. Do not have computer without Internet in that yearActing, market opportunity to junior we have how old appeal, probably only a n experienced person just has experience. Market opportunity begins to play from street Xiang Yu the Conquero

r case. Street Xiang Yu the Conqueror is a series actually, from the earliest can choose 4 onlyOf the part, arrive optional of 8 people, can choose to 12 people, have the version of all sorts of odd results to later, Develop the Zero that changes for cartoon finally. Game concept and fundamental way are fortunately similar, grasp this one thing and you’ll grasp everything. Street bullyDesign Ken and ryu2 person inside too too perfect, attack efficiency is extremely tall, have a weak point hardly; And otherThe part has the weak point that degree differs, have a plenty of character itself weakness, the action is for instance slow, those who jump is too tall (inBelow the circumstance that does not have air defence, in sky having a part basically to place is a soft costal region, jump especially tall) , jumpToo short (bring about avoid gas very hard to play attack) , devoid gas plays kind of weapon to wait; Have a plenty of operation weakness, send for instanceWay needs labor force, the operation is too complex, way joins very hard etc. Although can use place easily,have so hornColor is connected shut computer, but in with the person especially ace is right definitely when can see Ken and Ryu only normally between fight each other, That meeting draws game unit room inside ” the whole town turns out ” the effect. Street bully is had to half big children in those days specialAppeal, can hit street bully, hit how, in the child cent gives intermediate naturally a few community come. Market computer roomMake the land that shelters evil people and practices in look of the Eden of children, old people, after often be defeate上海龙凤自荐区HGd to fetch down in computer unwillingHeart, appear to fight truely directly in game computer room occasion, it is grand very. Pair of battle after street bully are classic be ” true Shi Hun ” . It is to feel barehanded not to pass probably addiction, gun of carry on one’s shoulderBall cartridge just has man taste more. This game is really enough of violent aesthetic, picture in those day really very dazzle is very beautiful, chop a person to killPerson, break off two also be ambiguous not at all partly, say strictly to restrict the meaning of class a bit. With street bully is same, thisGame also has the problem that designs a respect, more serious even, because tangerine right Beijing compares other part to be held easily apparently,accusetoo much, be opposite a stratagem which ensures success that other part challenges him among battle is real too small. The problem that does not have air defence is more serious, Heavy cut is marked in sky very awful. The setting that nevertheless anger is worth lets a person shine at the moment, when be angry, chop killing is so tallEffect, I had seen most exaggerated is the opponent that the one knife when 1002 crazy dead man are huffish still will have 3/4 physical strength to be worthChop dead directly, the grand appearance that of course still a big move interrupts adversary weapon lets Ben Zhang of person blood arteries and veins really. This swimsIn play enrol repeatedly also have, but less. Shi Hun is right our impact is quite big in those da上海龙凤阁DEys, each individual character is dye-in-the-wood inside thatHuman nature also lets our be very worried about. I see in jar coloured friendly ID is Nakelulu, estimate even if play thisThose who compare get into the habit, because graceful Ke Loulou is honest bad to use. It is boxing emperor to the summit summit of war game. The Yi Cao of the part charges the gender, balanced sex between the part is other sport withoutLaw photograph compares, plus luxuriant movement, pretty picture, still have the fight that 3 people covey fights together and spinsFight a process, make money of a play can play the time that grows as far as possible. Plus have do not know igneous dance this kind of stunner is swimmingThe swagger through the street in play, make the teenagers in those days too sufficient eye addiction, this part returns the heat that is Cosplay to nowThe door, true it may be said is immortal not old. This game, proclaimed of the game such as street bully, true Shi Hun downfallen. UntilGo now computer room of playroom, game sees pair of most battle or boxing emperor. A variety of stunt such as the 3D that appears later alsoDid not affect its position it seems that. Much hope has an opportunity to be able to fi上海千花网信息NHnd ace be opposite well again battle. But present childChild people appear to these interest is not large already. Also have the game of type of a few pass a barrier. “Last battle ” , also cry ” hit tornado quickly ” . I am in thatThe place calls his at that time ” 3 brother ” , it is the relation that did not make clear these 3 Hunan leading role actually. Zhuang Han HaggarIt is the girl her pa, white man Cody and Guy of a favourite by sb in power (this person still made a part in street bully later) it is a pairRival in love, go rescueing the girl Jessica that is gone to by sinister gang capture together. Game did not explain story setting where to be, I see thatStation of slums, subway, industrial district, Chinese quarter, seaside, elephantine pole the new York of how terrible of 90 time public security. CodyIt is the part that great majority person loves to use, ability is more bala上海龙凤后花园CDnced. I like Haggar, hit a person to come 3 times 5 except 2, Satisfy a craving. This kind of pass a barrier game repeats play much find the pattern easily, picture clue is finite, plus the characterItself way change is little, to ace people appeal is done not have so strong. I still am preferred play this, mainIt is a challenge whether one person is connected close. Be hit to now or accomplish very hard. “Annals of the Three Kingdoms ” a bit a bit later than making tornado time quickly, clue toll-gate is some more complex also, character way, butUse enginery sort is some more also. Although small Japan上海验证徐汇白妃 is developed similar ” annals of the Three Kingdoms ” these game are not had is notWhat change story of the Three Kingdoms is ulterly changed, but junior our where when considers this. What like most is to riding a horseChop back and forth kill those stragglers and disbanded soldiers, taking the die the most cruel death that cryptotaeneous cinquefoil club makes the enemy. The hidden in still having game a fewspecial sword, what 7 stars, holy sword, careless pheasant, taking them to commit murder everywhere, always have kind of ineffable pleasure. The play that the individual feels to annals of the Three Kingdoms compares kind of other pass a test is a bit more welcome, perhaps be element of Chinese setting Chinareason. What additionally game of pass a barrier of two markets opportunity plays is a few less. It is dinosaurian, game takes the place of to feel quite strong, with the fistIn the sound Pi when hitting person, flying leg to kick a person very Orphean, taking charge machine and come when blessing gun mows very bright. 2 be western bull-puncher. Resemble the wild big armed escort on red white machine a bit, but of horizontal edition. Have very much really western characteristic. Just play very hard. Still reach without what come play close, the university on grown grow upping went. Career of market opportunity gameThis ends. Still have a few otherer game, chat again later. The hope has old lubricious friend people those who had played these is OK communication communication. The hope has old lubricious friend people those who had played these is OK communication communication.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2013-3-28 11:07 editors7 editors