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all14[dreamy life] Edition advocate leave a messageSd225597(2015-3-6 13:35) : Have add piece be in this add, need not opening new note additionally. The first chapter: I of left-handerThe person was born to be destined its life contrail, probably of others saliva with bazooSpeech, looking in me is a fact. Perhaps be the main factor that disposition is relation life success or failure, perhaps be a bit vertical namelyThe opportunity that die, perhaps be strong the ability at other, wait an element a moment to be able to affect one the individual’s lifetime. I do not understand what general principle, just can think to now even a lot of why, but till 30 years oldMoment, had thought without time all sorts of why. The life needs power, perhaps say need why and vivid, and I do not know however living be why, justLasting to live drably everyday, of effort go making money next living, as to work good with bad that is not a key, The key is it is OK to should open an eye the following day only, living reason makes me very pained. Had thought 上海外菜会所EFof work is enough 30 years old even, living so long have what meaning again, pass 30 years old alive notLived, had thought a variety of dead ways even, but do not have courage to do however, and leave 30 years old now already very close. I am born in 20 centuries a of 90 time end genuine farmer family, such family probablyLet me be destined all one’s life, but I am not willing to had followed such life however, those who do a look out loess to bear day day is unripeVivid. At that time governmental family planning is those who comparative is strict, farmer family is absolutely can no全国凤凰楼信息网站EFt exceed 2 childChild, and I am the 3rd child inside the family, there上海花千坊1314 are an elder sister and elder brother above, this should not be born originallyI come to this time, and mom always says I am to collect the child that come. Father goes for some time outside prefectural pan went, so the quite poor environment in original at that time a distant relative with the same family name falls, unripeNext my hind held party of an one full year of life unexpectedly, this is rarer in the village thing absolutely. And the family became much I after this son, should punish a huge sum of money originally, a huge sum of money at that time also does not passA few just, if do not have money,basically be, the tile that boards tile-roofed house gives entirely lane is sodden broken, or the homeWorthy thing gives in take away entirely, electrical appliance of what pig household (flashlight) or commissariat, if do not give,meetHit a bloody nose and a swollen face move, the effect that such tragic scene gives me is quite intense. And have a little in the home at that time fortunately so little money, father paid fine, and grandma or villagewoman director, , the grandfather is cadre of a village, create the effect that give finite also. ” Xiaoqi, said to be able to not use left hand ” inside a shabby room the mother comparatives severe say to mePath. I right now have 3 years old only just, and my what just learn oneself to have a meal conveniently takes a chopstick with left hand. Domestic Reagan does not have what dining-room sitting room originally at that time, it is inside a little broken room, 5 homePatchy move has a meal, elder brother and elder sister are frank eating, and I of some monkey business am worn by mom rebuke. ” what do this have to say, eat a meal which hand is OK ” father’s a little doting say. Father isVery simple farmer, and the long Gao Ma that get a person is big, a Zhuang Han that gave a name also is in the village, do not cross father alsoHave a craft, he is perfectly carpenter, slack season when also can go to others home doing a few seasonal labor, forBit of extra income is made in the home. ” how do this go, rice you cannot too be bored with loves a son ” mom has some of grouchy say immediately. Fatherthe name calls rice, and the grandfather’s name is commissariat di上海龙凤阁QErectly, such earth are inside the countryside of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakesName. ” not be an important matter, the son is OK now it is good that he have a meal ” ” be no good, must the right hand ” ” eat nowMeal, etc after be brought up, mend his ways again come, do not want conversation to have a meal “” the son is taught bad by you “” follow you lazily this woman lower oneself to the same level as sb “Father and mother quarrel is quite normal then, should not fight only with respect to thank heaven, so we 3 sistersFar from dare phonate, comparative as to me if listening to father, the chopstick that taking pitch-dark with left hand

gathers up meal, thisLeft-hand is used to from beginning right now, and have a meal to also can remember with left hand every time in one’s childhood that time. I present am a dye-in-the-wood left-hander as before, press a root mending his ways without method come, the habit finishs sthHow can be affection changed easily, the psychokinesis that is me pr上海龙凤阁FSobably is not quite sturdy. And the habit of this left-hander I never had blamed father, because this is him doting my result, nowIn me besides write, basically be to using left hand to do a business. PS: ? Does bed of  of the guanidine that save bring a case to court chop て  Bin to list ∷ to carry Xing of brandish of rice huller of Qu of  comfortable salary to cut astounded of  of honest  be an official into parts Jiao of Sheng of antrum of  of  of that couch grave? With reality, this novel is the dream of my life probably. And what composing is regular perhaps hope edition advocate old people is great remind, have what mistake I can be corrected, tell the truth beginEarn bit of gold coin with respect to preparation here, writing nevertheless learning, learn a ministry with respect to preparation least the novel of 100 thousand words, and Ithe style is such little space probably small setting and nobody.